Bleaching or Teeth Whitening Guelph

Teeth have pores, similar to skin. This may come as a surprise to some but this is actually how discolouration can occur. Substances such as coffee and wine (and other substances you would rather not spill on your carpet) can stain teeth. Over time, this natural colour is impacted. The porous surface of teeth allows the colour of that espresso coffee or French wine to enter.

The aim of teeth whitening treatments is to gently push the stains out of this porous teeth structure. This is a safe procedure when performed correctly as per the instructions, when using a teeth whitening kit at home, for example. When the whitening product pushes out these stains the pores have to be opened which can cause some discomfort through sensitivity. This is normal and the opening of the pores is only temporary. If you have any questions about this method, we can answer them here at Grange Dental Health Care in Guelph. Orthodontist Dr. Diodati is here for you and your oral health.

The home method usually consists of whitening strips which are meant to be placed onto the flat surface of the teeth. This may give a whiter look as desired but the coverage is not as extensive as a dentist whitening treatment, like the kind we can provide at our practice here in Guelph. Cosmetic dentist methods by a professional dental surgeon would the benefit of specialized equipment. Home whitening can miss parts of your teeth, which can create an uneven look with the contrast in colouration between your stained and treated teeth. Our Guelph family dentist can ensure that even coverage is achieved using custom-fitted whitening trays.

If you’re beginning to feel insecure about the discolouration of your teeth, contact us at Grange Dental Health Care in Guelph. Dentists here can explain our treatment and explore all your options when it comes to Guelph cosmetic dentist procedures. Other options could be veneers. Contact us today to request an appointment.

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Last Updated On 2021-10-19