At Home Care

Preventative measures to improve and maintain healthy teeth can help avoid more urgent treatment from your dentist. Brushing twice a day is one of these methods. This is the standard way you can keep your teeth free from plaque, bacteria and food stuffs. If possible, brushing after a particularly sugary drink or meal can go a long way. Your diet can play a big role in your dental health. Calcium-containing foods like cheese and dairy can help strengthen teeth.


Flossing is another effective way of removing stuck pieces of food from between your teeth. Mouthwashes containing fluoride will give you fresh breath and also remove material which damages teeth.  


Teeth grinding or ‘bruxism’ is an issue that can cause discomfort. This can happen during sleep which may not be obvious at first. Signs can include an aching jaw or jaw clicking. Wearing a nightguard or mouthguard can help with this but if the cause is stress-related then certain lifestyle factors should be assessed. 


Last Updated On 2021-10-19