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What are inlays and onlays? An inlay is a filling that is pre-molded and fitted into the grooves of the tooth. It does not extend over the cusp of a tooth, like a crown would. An onlay is a technique for repairing teeth with damage (from decay or injury) that affects the cusps of the tooth. Inlays and onlays provide the protection of a crown without the requirement for a larger tooth procedure. These are typically used for teeth that need a large section restored.


These fittings are made from the same material as bridges and crowns which aim to match your tooth colour.


When fitting an inlay or onlay, the patient’s mouth is numbed with a local anesthetic. The dentist uses a drill to remove the affected area of the tooth. The decay is removed and the tooth is cleaned up, ready for the inlay or onlay to be placed in. This procedure can take two trips, the first for the molding of the tooth and the creation of the inlay or onlay in a laboratory. The second for the fitting at our Guelph family dentist.


To ensure that this filling fits the mouth correctly, an impression of the bite pattern is made. Our very own Guelph dentist Dr. Diodati will ensure there is no unnecessary friction between opposing teeth. To allow for a comfortable fit, a strip is placed between the teeth after the filling is inserted. This helps the dentist see the interaction between the teeth and correct if needed. The surface of this new tooth section is smoothed out using a small rotating device, very similar to a sanding tool you might use to smooth out the wooden surface on furniture.


Despite good oral health, your teeth may benefit from an inlay or onlay if injury is sustained. Contact our family dentist Dr. Diodati at Grange Dental Health Care in Guelph.

Porcelain Inlays / Onlays in GuelphPorcelain Inlays / Onlays in Guelph, Ontario

Last Updated On 2021-10-19