Sedation Dentistry Guelph

Laughing gas

Nitrous oxide (N2O) or laughing gas (as it is sometimes referred) is a method of sedation that relieves the discomfort of a patient through its pleasurable effects. This property of the gas aims to relax patients who experience anxiety when they visit the dentist. It remains a safer option for some patients than other methods such as IV sedation. It is also seen as safe for children. The effects of nitrous oxide are reversible and the patient would be able to drive home after the effects have worn off. The patient remains awake during the procedure but the nitrous oxide relieves the experience of pain. Sedation occurs quickly and calms in its application, making the procedure easier for the patient and dentist. Guelph based practice Grange Dental Health Care is here for sedation treatments.

IV sedation (intravenous)

Another form of anesthesia is IV sedation. This is an intravenous injection of a sedative which is absorbed into the bloodstream, causing the patient to feel drowsy and relaxed. Depending on the amount of sedative, they will usually remain conscious throughout the treatment. The patient will commonly not have any recollection of the treatment.

This method is used for various procedures such as teeth extractions and root canals, available at our practice here in Guelph. Dental surgeon Dr. Diodati understands the anxiety that some patients may have when it comes to dentist visits. Sedation is useful for those with a low threshold for pain and those with sensitive teeth. Lengthy appointments for more complex procedures are another practical application for this method if discomfort is felt by the patient.

Grange Dental Health Care is here to provide sedation in Guelph. Direct billing dentist procedures are available here at our practice, Contact us today to request an appointment

Last Updated On 2021-10-19