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When it comes to missing teeth, dentures could be a suitable option. These devices come in two different types which are partial and full depending on your situation. At our dental office in Guelph, dentures are available along with advice on other solutions that might benefit you.


The type of denture needed depends on the amount of lost teeth. As with all other procedures, they are treated on a case by case basis. Everyone’s gums are different and here at Grange Dental Health Care we aim to tailor the most effective solution for our patients. Talk with our dental surgeon in Guelph for a discussion.


New dentures can feel uncomfortable in the first weeks. The muscles in your cheeks will learn to hold your dentures in place so it may take a few months for them to fully adjust. Saliva flow might increase. Dentures can sometimes make your gums feel sore and irritation can happen. If you experience pain or any level of discomfort, contact your dentist.


Here are a few useful tips for denture care:

  • Ensure your dentures do not dry out. Keep them in a specific cleaner solution for dentures or plain water. Hot water can cause dentures to warp so this is not advised.

  • Brush your dentures like real teeth. This removes any food debris or plaque which can discolour the dentures.

  • Keep your mouth clean before inserting the dentures. Brushing your gums with a soft bristle brush will encourage circulation.

  • Do not attempt to adjust the dentures yourself as this can cause permanent damage to them. Because dentures are fitted to your individual mouth, any change must be performed by your dentist to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Always consult your dentist, such as our own Guelph dental surgeon.


Contact us to book an appointment at our Guelph family dentist. We can discuss your concerns about dentures and perhaps explore other solutions, such as crowns.

Last Updated On 2021-10-19